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Why It Matters: Pool Maintenance

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Life in Florida offers warmer weather that makes the amenity of a backyard pool
a common household haven. If you are the lucky inhabitant of a home with a
lanai and/or pool, the backyard escape to the water for relaxation and play can
be a huge bonus in enjoying the hottest days, or even during the no-swim season
in other parts of the country. Enjoying your pool optimally involves the important
matter of pool maintenance, which can ensure a safer, cleaner, worry-free pool
environment that allows for more fun for friends and family.

  • Hose off the deck area surrounding your pool one to two times a week,
    making sure to keep the area clear of dirt and debris.
  • Prevent algae build-up and help your filter system out by brushing the
    walls, ladders, and corners of the pool at least once a week.
  • Skim the pool with a net and empty the skimmer baskets frequently,
    ideally more than once a week.
  • Manually vacuum your pool, or run an automatic pool cleaner, several
    times a week.
  • Test chemical levels. The pH of your pool should sit somewhere between
    7.2 and 7.8; 80-120 ppm for concrete pools; 125-175 for painted, vinyl,
    and fiberglass pools; recommended calcium hardness is 200-400 ppm.
  • Check water levels: if the water above halfway up the skimmer, the skimmer can’t work as effectively.
  • Be chemical savvy: don’t add more than one chemical at a time to the pool!

Pool maintenance routines can vary depending on your usage and other factors;
giving some thought to what works for you while being mindful of what your pool
needs is an important part of developing your pool maintenance schedule and
routine. For questions about your pool maintenance, contact AquaTech Pool
Solutions in St. Augustine, FL at (904) 814-7646.

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