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Variable Speed Pumps

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Variable speed pumps, or multi-speed pool pumps, are one of three types of pool
pumps. Single-speed pool pump options are cheaper, and operate at one
speed—full horsepower—whenever it is turned on. Dual-speed pumps offer two
speeds, with a low setting to save power when simply filtering water, and a high-
speed setting ideal for demanding tasks such as vacuuming or adding chemicals.

Variable speed pool pumps are a unique option that lets you control the speed,
whether low, high, or somewhere in between. These energy efficient pool pumps
are powered by a different type of motor than other types of pool pumps. It is
powered by the a permanent magnet motor, which is the type of motor used in
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electric cars; the permanent magnet
motor makes it the most efficient option when compared to the induction motors
used in single and dual-speed pool pumps.

Finding the right pump for your needs comes down to several factors, one of the
biggest factors being the cost incurred to you as a pool owner. The initial cost of
variable speed pumps can seem deterring, but considering the overall savings in
energy and efficiency over time makes the variable speed pump a wise

The technology of a variable speed pump gives it a lasting advantage over single
speed and dual speed pool pumps by giving you more control over the output of
energy, letting the work of the pump vary given your pool usage and needs.

When considering what type of pool pump works for you, think of factors such as
initial cost and weigh it against the long-term savings and benefits of having a
certain kind of pump. A variable speed pump can save you time, money, and
energy over the course of time; investing in this option can save you time and
money for the long haul. However, the single speed and dual speed options can
be a viable and more immediately cost-effective option as an initial investment.

A pool is a wonderful amenity to invest in, but the choices of implements such as
speed pumps can be overwhelming to consider. Speak with your local pool
industry experts to answer these questions; they’ll more than likely be happy to
help you navigate your options.

The Pool Techniks staff in St. Augustine is more than happy to help
you determine your pool needs and give you an honest and informed opinion
about what might work best for your Florida pool. We can offer you information
and help with the ins and outs of pool ownership and maintenance.

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