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Pool Heaters For All Seasons

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Pool heaters can help extend your swimming season, or help regulate the
temperature of your swimming pool throughout the year. There are many options
for types of pool heaters, with factors varying from style to size, to energy
sources that power your heater.

A pool heat pump offers a cost-efficient way to electrically warm up the
temperature of your water. It works by absorbing surrounding heat and
transferring the warmth to the pool water.

Solar heaters are environmentally friendly options that use the warmth of the sun
to generate heat to the pool water. Multiple solar heaters can even be used
simultaneously to gain a higher output of energy.

Natural gas heaters can save energy and money, and technology has largely
improved gas pool heaters; most are now pilotless with electronic ignition, and
have fan-assisted combustion with low-Nox emissions.

Conversely, a pool temperature solution can be a pool chiller to help keep your
pool water cooler during the hottest summer months. Chillers and Heat/Cool

heaters feature a titanium exchanger ideal for saltwater pools. Chillers offer a
simple digital controller to help maintain the desired temp level all year round.

If you are considering a pool heater option, or are have questions about what
might work best for your pool use and needs, speak with your local industry
experts. The friendly staff of Pool Techniks, located in St. Augustine,
Florida, is happy to answer questions and offer industry expertise to help you
manage and maintain your Florida pool to ensure optimal enjoyment year-round!

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